Responsible Business

Our vision is to be our clients’ most trusted partner

Passionate about helping them achieve their investment management goals – which means being responsible in all our daily decisions and actions by doing the right thing.

Being our clients’ most trusted partner is at the heart of responsible business.

We take an impartial approach. Your needs are our top priority: our unbiased and unfettered approach enables us to build an investment portfolio that’s tailored to your individual preferences. We are free to tailor your portfolio exactly as you wish, selecting the investments most appropriate to your needs, whether growth, income or capital preservation.

Our success is based on our experience. As such we deliver consistently superior outcomes to the average, you know we will work to meet or exceed your expectations.

Responsible Business
This is the way we work. It is about doing the right thing by all of the stakeholders that we come into contact with, whether that is our colleagues, our clients, prospective clients, the intermediaries that we work with, the suppliers that we do business with, the communities we operate within and being cognisant of the impact we have on the environment.

We put the client first in everything we do, aiming to be our clients‘ most trusted partner. Our priority at Gate Capital is to deliver financial peace-of-mind for our clients’. We want to ensure that all our clients are free to live their lives confident in the knowledge that their finances are well looked after.

Products & Risk Factors
All investments cary risk. We only propose those products and investments that match a clients needs and stated risk profile. A client should familiarize himself/herself with the risk. For more information continue reading here.

Systematic incorporation of material environment, social and governance criteria in our investment management and ownership’s decisions

Building a culture of excellence which our employees are proud to be part of.

Providing sustainable, tailored and meaningful support to the communities in which we operate.

Helping to monitor, manage and reduce our direct and indirect environmental impact by managing a Responsible Business at Gate Capital.


Investing in any financial instrument carries risks. Your capital may be at risk.

Certain investments maybe long term and may not be readily realisable. Please consider all risks before investing.

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