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If there’s one thing that frustrates people about their job, it’s their working environment.

There’s a reason so many go out for lunch or find any excuse to get out of the office at every given opportunity.

Having a creative office isn’t really something most of us would think of when it comes to choosing a career. We sit at our archaic desks, propped up by a thin mesh chair staring blankly at our standard issue 22 inch screens. However offices are evolving as more and more employers discover the importance of the working environment.

Even if you’re an architect or work in creative design and have the greatest facilities known to man, chances are you’re still going to be sat at a desk, surrounded by 4 walls with the basic facilities to get you from 9am to 5pm.

We’re hoping to brighten your day and to show employers what is possible with a little piece of creativity with the 10 coolest offices in London.


Google office in Victoria

Google are well known for their extravagant offices and this one in Victoria is no different. Although Google’s budget is beyond what most companies will ever experience, their ability to constantly show concern for staff enjoyment is inspiring.

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Innocent office in Kensal Green

Beverage company Innocent have gone for a rooftop bar look with their office. Complete with table tennis table, park benches and terraces, the Innocent offices must get a little rowdy on Friday afternoons.

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Coca-Cola office in Marylebone

Coca-Cola is another company who are becoming well known for their eye catching and employee friendly offices. This one in Marylebone has a very relaxed feel to it. Coca-Cola have included many iconic features from their past including a wall-print of the classic Christmas ad truck.

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Redbull office in Soho

The Redbull office might be the most entertaining on this list. With a rooftop terrace, a slide and a very futuristic layout, this office is certainly one the staff must enjoy working within.

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Ticketmaster office in Angel

This Ticketmaster office almost looks too relaxed. Sources claim that this slide was put in by the previous owners who went bankrupt after it was thought they were going to be the next big thing. Because of this the management at Ticketmaster have reportedly banned staff from using the slide, but they keep it as a reminder to keep working hard.

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No.9 Macquarie office in Bank

This Macquarie office is a masterpiece, it’s also massive. It looks more like a Westfield shopping centre than an office. The amount of space staff have been provided must give a real sense of freedom.

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Dr Martens office in Camden

The Dr Martens office in Camden is connected to the store. Camden itself is a very exccentric place, therefore this office fits right in. Complete with sofas, stools and living room chairs this store in Camden has more of a loft appartment feel than a stressful workplace.

(Image credit: www.spaceinvaderdesign.co.uk)

Unilever office in Victoria Embankment

The Unilever office is visually stunning, perhaps a little overwhelming for a few. To be honest it looks as though it may get confusing at times to remember where people are based.

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Mitie office in the Shard

Located in the Shard, Mitie has undoubtedly spectacular views. Combined with an open plan and more colloquial furniture Mitie looks like an enjoyable place to work.

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Interchange offices in Camden

The Interchange offices are serviced offices. The first picture is the accurately named office “The Attrium”. The second picture is “The Triangle” as you can see due to the shape of the building. You can just imagine sitting in one of those tall chairs, looking out at the view with laptop and coffee in hand.

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